Beach Volleyball Launched!

Hey yall, just launched my beach volleyball prototype, aptly named Beach Volleyball!

This represents about 2 weeks worth of work and does a good job representing the general feel I'd go for if I decide to make this into a full game. If you're familiar with my Rivals prototype and how that eventually turned into Sunday Rivals, you can imagine where I'd take this. There aren't a ton of volleyball games out there, so let me know if this is something you'd like to play one day!

If you give it a run, make sure to read the How To Play section to familiarize yourself with the controls first. I automated a lot of functions to keep gameplay streamlined and easy to pickup!

Let me know what you think and thanks for playing!





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hello...this is I got the ball from discord....yes!!! please!! you can go ahead and do this game...I will fully support you..if you do for volleyball what you did to rivals it will be BIG!! I hope you will keep it on...Cheers!!

Thank you, appreciate the encouragement!