Devlog 2: Scrape

I've spent some time this week building out a first pass at some scrape fx that play when you take a hard corner at high speeds. The general idea is that while the vehicle is sideways, 2 of the lift pads are actually cutting into the ground creating a shower of sparks and concrete trailing off behind you:

Along with that, I also added in some vertical movement on the vehicle to indicate some weight shift when dropping into a hard corner, which is especially noticeable when quickly changing directions:

The fx need a few more passes and I think some subtle body shake/vibration would help everything feel better connected, but I like how this is playing in game right now. 

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Will you add cut marks onto the paved surface as well? I feel like the pavement chunks are perhaps a bit too bold and visible in the GIFs. It seems like the sparks are sort of originating from a general zone around the edge of the car, rather from a specific point of friction. But once you get these dialed in, I think it will add a lot to the visual experience. Maybe some light gamepad rumble, too! :)

Yes to everything you said, across the board :D

I need to create some sort of decal/permanent debris system that can live on the track to better sell the cut like you mentioned. Along with that, there needs to be an additional effect along with the ones in there now that emphasizes the contact along the side that is scraping. The chunks that are flying up now are just cubes, so some mesh variation will be the next step and possibly some smoke to tie it altogether. 

Rumble is a necessity for sure, but I've never actually coded that before... something else I need to look into soon! Appreciate the feedback!

I enjoyed playing the prototype of this game several times on my Windows 10 computer, and I bet I would enjoy this new version too, if my computer didn't delete its own OS. Anyway, I hope you keep developing this game.

IDEA: If you could find a way to make this into a mobile version, I would definitely play it anywhere I go.

Hey, glad you got a chance to enjoy the game, even if for only a little bit :)

I'm well into development now so hopefully you'll get a chance to play a new version down the road. I haven't ruled out any platforms, but my priority for the immediate future is a desktop release and then we'll see what makes sense from there. Hope you get your PC situation figured out!

Thanks, I hope I can get it fixed too. I had a lot of important stuff on there.

It looks so cool :) I also see you added some light for the thruster. I'm really looking forward to playing this new version.

Thanks! Yup, there's a handful of things that went in after the prototype that I've already forgotten about :D