Devlog 5: 3D HUD

Just posted a devlog up on youtube, where I dig into the new 3D HUD recently added to the Max Attack! I'm slowly starting to replace elements from the prototype you've played with assets that better represent the future direction of the game. The video digs into some of the work involved in getting the HUD in full 3D, including how the geo for elements were setup, achieving the semi transparent look, and setting up the shaders in Amplify to dynamically react to gameplay. It's a subtle, but important visual upgrade and I'm really happy with how it's turned out so far. 

One thing I didn't cover in the video was the addition of new sky blended fog and color correction that happened while I was building the new HUD. Those changes, along with some additional work on the environment, are in progress in now and I'm hoping to show off a more finished version of the familiar Offshore map sometime soon. 

More to come!

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Hey 26k, I noticed something: I look up Max Attack to see if you have added anything else to the game, but nothing pops up. Then I look up Ultrawide and it shows me the first version. Do you know why this is happening?

P.S. This doesn't really bother me much, I'm just wondering why is still calling it Ultrawide if now it's Max Attack.

Edit: How do we download this version?

Edit 2: I also had another idea, what about selectable car colors? (I just asked this because I really like the colors red and black (I know black is a shade, I'm just calling it a color here))

I've left the original page alone for the time being, but I should probably update it enough to explain the name change and what's currently being developed! To be clear, Max Attack is going to be a full release with an early access window, so whenever I hit that point in development you'll be able to play the new version. Before that happens, I'll clear up the ultrawide confusion tho!

Thanks for the suggestion on the colors, the rough plan I have is to have a handful of skins for each vehicle in the game, but all that is just in the idea phase right now. I agree that some level of customization would be nice!

First thing, ok yeah, I understand why I can't download it now.
Secondly, thank you for agreeing with my idea. 😊

Hi, I'm back and I can finally play your game again. Though I must say that me and my sister enjoy this but we are wondering if you'll ever add a local 2 player option. Also, thank you for replying to my last comment, it showed me that you actually care about your players, which is something a lot of people like.

Glad to hear you got your computer situation squared away, a lot has changed since your last comment!

So currently local multiplayer isn't something I have planned for launch at this time. I don't like ruling anything out this early in production, but there are some logistic problems that I'm not sure I'd be able to solve without hampering single player development which is the core of this game. Thanks for the question tho, I hope you and your sister continue to enjoy the game!

It wasn't entirely clear from the video for me what the top center HUD element was for. I like the shaking and slight Z-oscillation of the various pieces.  Looking forward to more updates! :)

Oh right, it's for damage. It works, but the damage model is pretty un-fun right now so I leave it off and as a result haven't done much work on it yet!